Regina Belmonte is a 30-year-old writer from Manila, Philippines, and a freelance makeup artist certified by the Make Up Designory Studio in Berlin, Germany.

Once in a blue moon, she writes a column called Lost in the World on Sundays for the Philippine STAR’s Lifestyle section. She doesn’t write nearly as often as she should.

Her history with the Philippine STAR technically began at birth, but really started in 2004 with her column Ashtray Girl (renamed We’re All Mad Here at some point) in Friday’s Young Star section. She also spent a year and a half as the editor of YStyle, Friday’s fashion and beauty section (where she still, on occasion, writes a column called Read My Lipstick). Prior to YStyle, she was the beauty editor of Cosmopolitan Philippines, where she worked for four years (starting from the bottom as the sole staff writer of Cosmo.ph, and working her way up to editorship). She contributes to various publications upon request.

She is part of the small team behind UNKNWN, an events company that launched in early 2016, organized by like-minded contemporaries who love dance music. They’ve already flown in a few of their favorite international DJs, who are featured at UNKNWN events alongside Manila’s forward-thinking talents, and they continue to seek interesting new ways to present the genre (beyond the standard club setting), and new partners to collaborate with to do so. They are currently in partnership with San Miguel.

This is not so much a blog as it has been a collection of personal essays — a venue to publish the kind of writing she has always preferred doing in her spare time, which is the kind of writing that has also always gone unread for lack of a space among more traditional forms of publication. (Read: Shit she can’t get paid for.)

Essays, fiction, non-fiction, vignettes, journals, a little bit of all of that, and everything in between, plus some occasional photography — this space will be filled with the same feelings, the same heart, the same life, the same person. Just a little more grown up this time around (but not that much), with more stories to tell.